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Wednesday, July 7, 2010 @ Wednesday, July 07, 2010

'While you yell at your girl, there’s a guy wishing he could whisper sweet things in her ear. While you humiliate your girl, insult her, offend her, and degrade her, there’s a guy who appreciates her and reminds her of what a great girl she is. While you hit your girl, there’s a guy wishing he could make love to her. While you make your girl cry, there’s a guy that is always making her smile. If you don’t take care of your girl, someone else will take care of her for you, and there’s nothing that you will be able to do if she ever decides to go with him and forget about you.'

Saturday, May 8, 2010 @ Saturday, May 08, 2010

describe me best .
So im quite upset with myself today for not being able to study . I simply cannot absorb anything that i read . Its like there's something bothering me which i dont really knw wht . There's 2 major papers coming up . Both requires me to memorise a lot of things definitely . And i actually woke up at 1o am today jst to study so that i will have more thn enough time to complete all tht but damn ths brain is not working ! I get worked up everytime i think abt the papers thats coming up because i knw i will have to need a lot of time to memorise that . Plus if i sleep late , how am i suppose to wake up early the following day ? Damn today suck big time ! ): What's worse is that my mom wants to clean up our room because granny is coming over which means i have to waste my time cleaning up my room ! Fuck ! Out of all times , it had to be now . When i really need the time to study for my exams . How can the day get any worse ? ): I dont really knw why im feeling down right now . Might be due to what i jst mention or maybe something else ? Im not quite sure myself . Ths moodswing can really come and go you knw . Because of the fact that im frustrated with myself , im not really entertaining anyone at home right now including my sister although she seems to be the closest one to me . Things jst seem to get on my nerves today . What's up with today ?! Thank god i still have ths blog to do my ranting . At least it wont get on my nerves. i hope ? Well what the hell . Whats even worse is i havent really been talking to him or to put it in simpler terms , ive kind of neglected him these past few days . Might be due to exam stress . You , i hope you understand . Its not that im doing all this on purpose but really . I think i jst cannot balance my time well . Like you said prelims or even O's , its gna get worst . I really hope you understand . I will definitely get back to you after the examination but for the time being , im sorry if im neglecting you . ): i love you . I dont knw whts happening to me . But yeah . FML ! Its really frustrating to knw you have a lot of time on your hands now but youre not making the best out of it . I jst want to get ths examination over and done with please ..

till the next time.
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Saturday, April 24, 2010 @ Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello ! :D
Currently at KK hospital visiting granny . She jst undergo operation . Yah . so yah okaay im really nervous for mid year exam . Like really . ive been going through the topics but im not sure whether that's enough or not ): This tuesday we're having our Physics Mock exam . Mr goh do really know us well because he said that everytime for our first test, we'll fail badly but second test , we'll do well :D hahahhaha . Actually im really lost for words . xD
Ohhh today is Iman's Mom birthday ! (: Send her a wish earlier on . hahah . And tomorrow is
jengjengjeng . The 25th ! :D Yey ! hehehe :D very long already :D
Anw i havent eaten for the whole day . Maybe after this we'll go and have our lunch or something . Ohh yes ! I memorised 20 definitions in the car on my way to the hospital jst now ! Happy ! I have to memorise about 33 definitions and i covered abotu 20 definitions already . Left 13 more to go ! Yey ! :D Okaay so i think im gg off now . Need to start on Physics again .
Takecare . I'll post more later on or maybe after Mid year . I think i'll be on Hiatus until Mid year :D
; ayeen♥
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